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Friday, January 11, 2008

Burn Xbox 360 Games with CopyThatGame

You can burn xbox 360 games and virtually any other video game genre for that matter with CopyThatGame. Any video game console, CopyThatGame can copy its games - PS2, Xbox, PSP, Gamecube, Gameboy, Gameboy Advanced, PC Games you name it it can do it! CopyThatGame is the most technologically advanced method of Video Game reproduction ever available! Whe using the state of the art game copying tool you'll be able to virtually copy any video game by using your own CD or DVD drive! By the end of the day you'll have your own video game library. We'll teach you to virtually copy / backup any video game out there on the market.

Not only will it teach you how to copy your xbox 360 games but it will show you how to play them on your xbox 360 console. Thats what sets this software apart from its peers most people are able to copy them fine but are unable to play which is the whole point in doing it! With CopyThatGame hundred of gaming freaks like myself have been able to burn their games even PC titles too!

But there's more!! When you get CopyThatGame you'll have unlimited access to movie, game, music, software downloads for the Xbox 360 and for other consoles. There's no loss in picture and sound quality the copies are exact! All formats are supported AVI, MPEG4, DIVX, XVID, RM, WMV, MP3.....

Check out one Xbox 360 gamer running a copy of Halo 3 on his 360 console!

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